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i get lonely :(
help a friend out pls
donate as much as you want. my friend needs all the help she can get. GO GO GO <3
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I quit drawing lol. I'm sticking with my singing stuff and ye. Drawing doesn't interest me anymore. This account is only for looking at other people's page and shit. I don't wanna delete it bc it was memories, but just know that I'm never posting anything ever again lol
ty goodbye
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“Alec! Isabelle!” An older man’s voice called out. He was Robert Lightwood, the father of 2 year old Max Lightwood, 9 year old Isabelle Lightwood, and 11 year old Alec Lightwood. Max tried to stand up, but he ended up flopping over and letting out a small, high pitched grunt. Alec, the eldest, looked over at his sister who stood up, her small, black and white dress unfolding and falling softly over her knees. Her hair was ink black, and it fell down to below her waist. Although it was tied back in a loose braid, it was still long, though it was very feathery and silky, and Alec loved playing with it. Sometimes he’d even braid it for her. He stood up as well, walking over to Max and picked the baby up, holding the small infant in his arms and walked over to his father, lifting his dark, slender eyebrows. “Yes, father?” He spoke, having a light British accent to his words. He glanced at his sister who was trying to peer behind her father, narrowing her eyes. “Who’s that, daddy?” She asked, pointing at something Alec couldn’t even see. She as well had a light British accent to her tone.
  Robert smiled, glancing back at a young boy who seemed to be Alec’s age, if not, younger. “Jonathan, it’s okay. They won’t hurt you.” He smiled, patting the boy, whose name was apparently Jonathan’s head. He had silky and messy blonde hair and when the light shone on his eyes, they looked like gold. He had a few small scars on his frightened face that looked pure silver compared to his light skin tone. He held a toy soldier in his hands. ..No, not a toy soldier. A toy Shadowhunter. Its black clothing looked just like the kind of clothing Robert and his mother, Maryse Lightwood, had to wear. It was carefully painted on, highly detailed and such. The small toy had dark hair and light eyes, and scars on its face and arms. Alec blinked, looking at Jonathan when he moved the toy from Alec’s line of sight. “Hmph..” Alec grunted slightly before he glanced at his father who gave him a stern look. He sighed deeply before setting Max down and held his hand out for Jonathan to shake. “I’m Alexander.” He said bluntly. “Call me Alec. Please.” He added, lifting his brows.
  Jonathan looked at Alec’s hand, then at his face and rolled his eyes stubbornly, walking around. “I’m JC. Don’t call me Jonathan, because I won’t respond to that name.” He informed casually, walking over to a smaller chair and hopped up, sitting back in it. Isabelle looked at Alec, then over at JC. “Um, okay. I’m Isabelle.” She mumbled, looking up at her father. “Who is he?” She whispered, frowning. Alec blinked, crossing his arms over his chest. “Is he this new brother you were talking about?” He tilted his head, talking in a light whisper as well. “I was hoping he’d be... Not like this.” Alec frowned, glancing over at his mother who approached them from the stairs, her presence shutting Alec and Isabelle up.

“Oh, it was a much simpler time, JC.” Alec murmured, smiling lightly. “I wish it could be like that again, brother. Well, except for the fact that I didn’t like you one bit at first. At least we warmed up to each other, right?” He chuckled softly, brushing a hand through his unkempt hair. “This is why we’re Parabatai.”

“Aleccc! That was my toy!” Isabelle’s voice whined, stomping her foot on the ground. “I’m telling mommy and daddy on you two!” She huffed, her words directed at Alec and JC. The black haired boy and the golden eyed boy laughed in sync, JC tossing the already-ripped-up-and-worn-out-doll at Isabelle. “You let us take it.” He snickered. “At least we didn’t ruin it like you apparently did.” He grunted, nudging Alec. “Let’s go entertain Max. I don’t wanna hear Isabelle mope and whine all day.” He huffed, heading off towards the baby room. Alec rolled his eyes, walking over to Isabelle and gave her a big hug. “He’s just being a jerk. I still love you.” He smiled. “I’m going to go hang out with Max now. Even though he can’t really talk…” He rubbed his neck lightly before he waved, turning and ran after JC. “Wait for me!”

“I always made sure we didn’t leave Isabelle out. She was our sister, and she needed to be loved too. Every time you’d ‘bully’ her,” he used the air quotes to emphasize ‘bully’. “I’d give her a big hug and then run off after you. I loved hanging out with you, but I wanted to make sure Isabelle felt like the third wheel, you know?” Alec sighed lightly, crossing his arms over his white sweater that was lined with scarlet colored runes.  “But we always made Max laugh, which was a good thing. You were so good with little kids.”

“Peek-a-boo!” JC laughed along with Max, moving his hands in front of his face for a few moments, then quickly moves them to reveal a mock-surprise emotion, only to make Maxwell laugh. “His laugh is so contagious! It’s great!” JC laughed, looking at Alec with an expression of true happiness on his face. Alec smiled, watching the two. He knew both of them would grow up to be the greatest Shadowhunters there’d ever been. Max would be the brains while JC was the strength, and Alec would be the agility, while Isabelle would be the beauty. And they would become the Fantastic four! Or the Lightwoods. Either one would be a good title. “Hey JC, let’s go watch dad practice. He’s out in the backyard working on his archery. It’s so fun to watch, c’mon!” Alec smiled brightly, his tone filled with excitement. He wondered what JC’s parents were like. He wondered if they were nice, or if they had died… Someday he would ask his new brother. But now wasn’t the time. He glanced back at the golden haired boy as he followed Alec, a small smile on his face. JC ran down the stairs after Alec, barely even paying attention to his footing. Due to that, it sent JC flying down the stairs and landed on his arm harshly. Alec winced as he heard a loud ‘pop!’ coming from JC’s arm.

“Your first injury in the Lightwood house… Oh, it was special. You were running probably 50 miles per hour down that stair case. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you get the idea.” Alec laughed, rolling his eyes. “You broke your arm. And I can remember how you would try to walk it off, saying you were fine and stuff while your arm hung limp by your side. Maryse had to finally pick you up and drive you to the hospital, no questions asked.” He sighed distantly, looking ahead. “Max, Isabelle and I visited you day after day, even skipping a few school days just to hang out with you at the hospital.” He chuckled, shaking his head slowly. “Remember the games we’d play? There was the one where we flicked paper footballs through the little touchdowns, and then there was that one hide and go seek game that was really pointless, since you couldn’t get out of bed. So it’d just be Isabelle and I, and sometimes Max.” He laughed. “Reliving these memories makes me really nostalgic, you know? I miss Max, I miss Mom and dad.. I miss you being my brother. We had so much fun together.. We’ve fought next to each other for the past fourteen years.. Those fourteen years actually seem like a damn eternity for me. And I know that’s weird to say, but come on. You agree with it too, right?” Alec smiled faintly, biting his lip lightly as he gripped the worn out, hand painted Shadowhunter toy in his hand and felt a few tears fall down his face. “But, enough with all this sappy stuff..” He knelt down in front of a pile of dirt, followed by a large grey gravestone behind it that was marked ‘Jonathan Casey Herondale. 1990-2014. Loving brother and beloved son.’ Alec bit his lip tightly, trying to hold back his tears as he set the first and only toy JC ever owned onto the dirt. “I love you, Jonathan Herondale. May you,” he paused, wiping his tears with his sleeve. “rest in peace.. And you better kill thousands of demons up there for me, bud.” He laughed, tears now streaming down his face. “And tell mom, dad, and Max that I love them.” He sniffed, standing straight and took a deep breath, looking at the gravestone one last time before he turned and headed off. “I love you..” He murmured.
JC is Jace. 
But yeah I wanted to write a little thing. 
(Copied from another user)

Somehow, there's a hacker lurking around here who not only changes the names of users around here, but he also posts a journal entry claiming that you'll commit suicide, and he'll troll with the same journal entry by adding inappropriate comments! He'll even add insult to injury by writing naughty comments on your page, and add a crude drawing if a male's private parts! If he reads this, he'll probably think twice before hacking! Spread the word, and stop the evil hacker before you become his next victim!

Apparently, he's targeted a user formerly named kronosfactor52, renamed him TruePhazonianForce posted a similar journal entry on his dA page, and added harsh comments to it!

Copy and paste this to your journal so that it doesn't happen to you!!!
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help a friend out pls
donate as much as you want. my friend needs all the help she can get. GO GO GO <3
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